Here at the Redrock Group we provide food and shelter logistics within our very own 'turn-key' solutions for a diverse Canadian audience. Our brand promise is to be reliable and authentic while offering "non-institutional" products and services that are hassle-free. We love taking care of people. 


Remote workforce-centric hospitality and accomodations with modular equipment, logistics, installation, turn-key catering, housekeeping and camp management. We built our company by taking care of workers on the resource frontier.


Isolated Canadian wildfire base camps with 24 hour emergency rapid-response firefighter accomodations, catering and housekeeping logistics. We are here to support front line workers and governments when every second counts.


Specialized value with affordable housing for Canadian communities through the delivery of unique modular developments. We value what it means to be culturally aware, environmentally friendly and cost sustainable.


Canadian metro cafeteria and catering services with a fusion of healthy innovative dishes and classic comforts. Great food at work and a place to enjoy those moments away from the desk or tool box is our inspiration. Wake up fresh and stay fresh all day.